Swanscombe Marsh:

The Swanscombe peninsula juts out into the Thames Estuary just beyond the Dartford Crossing. It is a landscape with a long history of use as an industrial site, notably cement works, but where industries have closed nature is reclaiming the space. Around Broadness Creek there is a different view as this tidal inlet full of moorings, old boats, jetties and semi-permanent buildings, while ramshackle, remains active as a boating community.

The project was undertaken during 2013/2014 as details began to emerge of plans to build a theme park on the peninsular. and was made in collaboration with other photographers from the Crossing Lines group (within the Centre for Urban and Community Research) at Goldsmiths College in London.

New group work is exhibited as part of the Swanscombe Project.

MV Heltborg moored at Broadness Creek: (February 2014)

MV Heltborg moored at Broadness Creek: (February 2014)

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