Burano mono

Burano is usually a busy tourist ticket on any visit to Venice but my trip there last November was out of season. I arrived early in the morning when few others were around and it was cold and grey with a clearing mist. These mono images capture something of that atmosphere before the sun arrived bringing warmth and colour.      

Industrial colour

These photographs of the Olympic Park Energy Centre by John McAslan were made in early 2017 as part of a larger set that is now with the RIBA image library. I had photographed the building before under leaden grey skies so it was pleasing to see  the way the two main colours worked together in these images.  The industrial design, inspired by London’s great historic power stations such as Bankside and Battersea, and use of Corten steel makes this a fun building to photograph.

Barbican photo walks

Five images made over the last couple of years while planning and leading photo walks for Barbican Members. The walks encourage a discussion about the architecture and ways of seeing it whether through shadow and light, lines and perspective, size and scale and the sense of place. I’m delighted that the walks are continuing in 2020 and all the new dates will be posted on the photo walks page in the new year.

Autumn leaves

These botanical leaf images were created for a community outreach photography class that I’m currently teaching using a tablet as a light table.  Each leaf comes from one of over 6000 trees that have been planted in the Olympic Park and include birch, elm, poplar, wild cherry and oak. Almost all the existing trees were removed during the demolition and land clearance for the Games but many of these tree species were then re-introduced to maintain local provenance. The Park landscape was shaped over a couple of years from 2010 during which these semi-mature trees arrived, so to speak, on the back of a lorry. 

Canada Water and Rotherhithe

A set of images prepared for the recent RIBA Friends walk and which architecturally mark some of the way from Canada Water to Rotherhithe.  I’ve yet to photograph the many converted warehouses which in many ways define the 19th century heritage of the area. Nelson House, which was listed in 1949, dates from the early 18th century and is London’s only surviving example of a type of Georgian property once common with prosperous ship-building owners.  

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