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  1. Forms of Industry

    08 Jun 2021

    Olympic Park Energy Centre, Kings Yard, Hackney Wick (Jan 2018) The @RIBA Forms of Industry: Online Architectural Photoday is this Sunday 13th June and this image is from quite an extensive collection I’ve made about the utility buildings in the London Olympic Park. The Energy Centre at Kings Yard, designed…

  2. 2012 pin trading

    12 Aug 2020

    These images were made eight years ago today and show pin badges being traded at the end of  the 2012 Olympics fortnight. The etiquette of pin trading is that the pins are always swapped and not sold and if pins are worn they are usually not available for trade. Pins…

  3. History Trees - a self-guided walk

    09 May 2020

    Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) August 2019 With my photowalks remaining on hold, I’ve put together this self-guided walking tour around the Olympic Park using the ten History Trees, by the artists Ackroyd and Harvey, as markers to the route. The History Trees was a public art commission for the 2012…

  4. Industrial colour

    18 Feb 2020

    These photographs of the Olympic Park Energy Centre by John McAslan were made in early 2017 as part of a larger set that is now with the RIBA image library. I had photographed the building before under leaden grey skies so it was pleasing to see  the way the two…

  5. Autumn leaves

    23 Oct 2019

    These light-table leaf images were created for a community outreach photography class that I’m currently teaching.  Each leaf comes from one of over 6000 trees that have been planted in the Olympic Park and include birch, elm, poplar, wild cherry and oak. Almost all the existing trees were removed during…

  6. Boundaries

    11 Oct 2018

    Over the summer I spent several days walking the perimeter of the Olympic Park looking at its boundaries. Ten years before a blue construction hoarding separated the land into an inside and outside.  These are a few of the images made that explore how photography can evoke, through traces and…

  7. Gold Olympics

    04 Jun 2017

    After choosing images for a symposium (Gold Olympics at Goldsmiths, University of London) later this week I found there are more I can add to my Olympic Park page.

  8. Basketball Arena

    04 Jul 2016

    As London hands over to Rio some photographs of my favourite temporary venue which was the short-lived 12,000 seat Basketball Arena by Wilkinson Eyre Architects.  

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