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  1. Forms of Industry

    2021-06-08 09:09:00 UTC

    Olympic Park Energy Centre, Kings Yard, Hackney Wick (Jan 2018) The @RIBA Forms of Industry: Online Architectural Photoday is this Sunday 13th June and this image is from quite an extensive collection I’ve made about the utility buildings in the London Olympic Park. The Energy Centre at Kings Yard, designed…

  2. Masjid Jamek - Kuala Lumpur

    2020-08-02 13:11:51 UTC

    Jamek mosque, Kuala Lumpur (January 2019) Designed in the Mogul style by British architect A.B. Hubback, the Sultan Abdul Samad Jamek mosque in Kuala Lumpur opened in 1909 and is one of the oldest mosques in Malaysia. I have been visiting Malaysia for over twenty years but only recently researched…

  3. Industrial colour

    2020-02-18 18:36:15 UTC

    These photographs of the Olympic Park Energy Centre by John McAslan were made in early 2017 as part of a larger set that is now with the RIBA image library. I had photographed the building before under leaden grey skies so it was pleasing to see  the way the two…

  4. Balfron Tower

    2018-11-12 08:41:00 UTC

    I added a series of photographs of the Balfron Tower which were made in 2015/6 prior to the refurbishment that is currently underway.  I will return once the new look is revealed which is likely to be in 2019/20.  These photographs have also been added to the RIBA image library.

  5. Iceland

    2017-09-11 07:36:00 UTC

    I have a new set of photographs from circumnavigating Iceland in June.  If I had the chance to return I would go back to the West Fjords region for the dramatic landscapes and scenery.  But that aside I was mostly interested in the vernacular architecture of Icelandic housing and industrial…

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