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  1. Grenfell - 5 years on

    2022-06-15 08:47:00 UTC

    Yesterday afternoon, the Grenfell memorial service was a humbling and moving experience which was followed by an estimated 18000 people participating in a dignified silent walk. People were there to pay respects but were understandably asking questions about how five years can pass with so little meaningful change. These are…

  2. An otherside to cladding

    2022-05-17 07:35:00 UTC

    Over the last weeks, I’ve photographed with people who are living through cladding remediation works. The individuals and families that have taken part were in scaffolded buildings, unable to see outside for many months and with reduced light-levels inside their homes. Though moving forward with making the building safe, the…

  3. Protest at Parliament

    2022-04-21 09:38:16 UTC

    These photographs are from the End Our Cladding Scandal rally outside Parliament yesterday.  It was scheduled to coincide with the return of the Building Safety Bill to the Commons and the debate on the Lords’ amendments. The rally saw excellent speeches from politicians and campaigners with some really good coverage…

  4. Protest at City Hall

    2021-11-24 09:09:17 UTC

    Some photographs from the Action for Fire Safety Justice protest at City Hall on the 30th of October.  This was a much smaller gathering than that held in September at Parliament Square. With over 1000 buildings affected in London alone, I often wonder why more leaseholders aren’t yet protesting. It…

  5. Leaseholders Together Rally

    2021-10-05 17:28:00 UTC

    Held at Parliament Square on the 16th September, this was the largest rally yet by leaseholders who were protesting about the handling of the cladding scandal by government. The placards and banners say it all.  This was the first national rally and notably the  minister in charge at the time,…

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