Bow Creek

This derelict bridge crosses Bow Creek and once linked to a section of the Limmo Peninsular, now the Bow Creek Ecology Park. Ordnance Survey maps from the nineteenth century suggest that the bridge may have been a crossing point for the Great Eastern railway to a stabling yard that was near the current location of East India DLR station. 

Golden Lane

Looking back through photographs made last summer I was reminded again of the mixed fortunes of council housing schemes. Golden Lane is a Corporation of London post-war estate near Barbican with well-designed homes and thoughtful external spaces. It now typifies the best council housing of that era and the blocks have been sympathetically maintained over the years. What a shame that the same can’t be said of Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar which, though built a decade later, is now due for demolition as part of the Blackwall Reach regeneration scheme.  

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