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  1. Instone Wharf

    01 May 2018

    Wharf construction at Leamouth (December 2015) Instone Wharf was constructed to remove excavated London clay from the Crossrail tunnels by barge to Wallasea Island in Essex where it was used to create a nature reserve.  In future plans, the wharf is re-imagined as a terminus for a new ‘ecologically focussed’ Limmo Park, making…

  2. Waterworks River trees

    01 Oct 2017

    Leaway (closed) across the Waterworks River (April 2016) An image from my Leaway project; sadly these trees, which were a distinctive presence along the Waterworks River between Stratford High Street and the Olympic Park, have recently all been cut down. 

  3. The Leaway

    21 Mar 2016

    Footbridge across Bow Locks (March 2016) I am working on a set of new photographs about the progress of the Leaway, a landscape project to open up a continuous walking route along the River Lea valley from the Olympic Park to the Thames. 

  4. Bow Creek

    12 Mar 2016

    Bridge from Silvocea Way to Bow Creek Ecology Park (March 2016) This derelict bridge crosses Bow Creek and once linked to a section of the Limmo Peninsular, now the Bow Creek Ecology Park. Ordnance Survey maps from the nineteenth century suggest that the bridge may have been a crossing point for the Great Eastern railway to a…

  5. The Line

    05 Aug 2015

    A couple of months ago saw the opening of The Line, a sculpture trail linking Greenwich with the Olympic Park and so-called because it loosely follows the Meridian Line. Putting aside any interest in sculpture, The Line is an opportunity to walk a section of the River Lea that has…

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